Impact As A Service

Sturdy Falcon

We are a

development studio

We build Web & Mobile Apps.

Node back ends, React front ends, React-Native mobile apps.

We build Chatbots.

Facebook Messenger, WeChat.

We build Deep Learning Systems.

Google Tensorflow, Google Cloud Vision, Microsoft Cognitive Services. Prediction APIs. Data gathering. Model Training.

We build Locally.

All code is written locally in Santa Monica.

Have an idea but don't know how to build it?

we can help

Starting a tech company isn't easy, particularly if you don't know how to code. With expertise in building and launching venture-backed companies, Sturdy Falcon offers the most economical way to launch your company with a technical team.

We don't outsource. We don't cut corners. If you've had problems with developers in the past, we're sorry to hear that ( we hear it a lot ) but we're glad you finally found a home.

on time. on budget. on point.

our Mission

From idea to launch

What's in it for you

we start where you are

Sometimes the project is a rewrite. Sometimes it's an addition. Sometimes it's from scratch. We can happily do a code review and see what you're working with. And sometimes when we do code reviews we find skeletons... 🙈   spooky.


Why a mobile app? Why not a mobile app? Can you get away with a mobile website for now? We'll build exactly what you need. No more, no less.

take flight

Launching is daunting. We will give you a product with the proper analytics and tools to take feedback and use that feedback to iterate and grow.

Things Weve made

our portfolio

  • portfolio

    Four Weeks

    A Startup Competition

  • portfolio video work


    A travel site for millenials.

  • portfolio

    Idea Buddy

    Give One Idea, Get 10.

  • portfolio


    Custom Juice Subscriptions

  • portfolio

    Zuma Ventures

    A Venture Capital Studio

  • portfolio


    A Virtual Focus Group

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Team Falcon

Team Falcon is one person. Me. I will be writing every line of code. Have a problem? Found a bug? I'm always available.

A Starting point

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Fixed Price Projects

Cash/Equity Split Projects (rare)

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